Mold Cleanup and Remediation

Mold in your property can spread quickly creating an unsafe environment for your home or business. Toxic mold spores release mycotoxins into the air, if these are inhaled or ingested, they can cause adverse health reactions ranging from minor allergies, headaches and sinus to severe health issues. Our team of state-certified mold remediation specialists will help with any small or large project no matter the size or condition of the property.

Our Mold Remediation Services:

Initial Assessment & Recommendations
Adherence to Written Protocols
Laboratory Sampling & Testing
Microbial Containment & Remediation
Negative Air Chamber Construction
Hydroxyl Blasting
Air Scrubbing via Filtration
HEPA Vacuuming
Dry Ice and/or Soda Blasting
Mold Encapsulation
Electrostatic Surface Disinfection

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